Via della Rocca lakeside garden

Redevelopment of the lakeside garden at Via della Rocca
Redevelopment, landscape design
Capodimonte (VT), Italy
Curated by:
Morettiarchitettura with Mauro Trapè, Andrea Dolci, Alessandra Pompa, Francesca Romana Poerio

The intervention carried out the restoration and redevelopment of an existing public garden, built in the 1940s, located on the lakefront frontage of the access road to the town's central square, on a steeply sloping front that terminates in the lake, almost completely overgrown with dense vegetation. A balcony and a new lakefront pathway were built from scratch, alternating between steps and level sections made of ecological paving that rest on a natural escarpment. In addition, an existing stone curb was restored. The intervention for the rehabilitation of the Garden of Via della Rocca is in accordance with the primary objective of the Public Administration to optimize the many resources and potential offered by the territory of the municipality of Capodimonte. The choice was made to maintain as much as possible a natural character, thus going to use materials with similar characteristics to those present on site. The balcony, built to obtain an area from which to get a better view of the landscape below, present in that stretch of the lake, aligns with this philosophy. No substantial changes take place, except for the modest overhang of the overlook balcony, which nevertheless remains well in context.