Tor Marancia Cultural Center

Tor Marancia Cultural Center
Competition for the construction of a new public building
Rome, Italy
Curated by:
Morettiarchitettura with Caterina De Gasperis Giurgola, Zoe Panunzio, Virginia Bianca Stella

The study proposes a complex articulated in two architectural elements: one cultural artistic and educational and the other at the service of citizenship in order to become a distinctive element not only of the Tor Marancia neighborhood but also a point of attraction at the urban level. The training pole is identified with the Auditorium/ Aula Magna equipped with an extendable stage and telescopic platforms for choral performances. The project relates to the surrounding fabric of the consolidated urban context by aligning with the area's allotment grid. In addition to this physical appeal, reference was made to a cultural one generated by the murals, which distinguish the surrounding blocks, becoming over the years a point of attraction for the entire city. On Via di Tor Marancia is located the entrance to the complex, with a central hall intended to be the node of connection and distribution to the various activities of the Cultural Center, as well as a meeting point and venue for temporary exhibition installations. The roof of this space will be usable for outdoor activities and also accessible from the garden.