Sperella Park enhacement

Sperella Park enhacement
Redevelopment, landscape design
Corchiano (VT), Italia
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The Sperella park extension project is a natural continuation of a framework of interventions that have involved real redevelopment of the village. Its implementation makes it possible to unite the already redeveloped park area with the path of ascent to the historic center and these with the area of urban gardens. It is proposed to carry out this project following the construction methods of the already completed area, with the avenues paved in Levostab, having side verges made of tuff blocks and transverse recourses, also having the function of a joint, also made of tuff blocks. Along the lower part of the paths, it is proposed to create a large rest area with seating areas made of squared peperino blocks. The difference in height between the upper part of the path and the lower part of the path is contained through the construction of reinforced earths and the formation of short terraces. The study hypothesizes the implementation of a new lighting system sized to obtain the minimum brightness to ensure the nighttime walkability of the paths without causing light pollution and hydraulic systems for the adduction of water necessary for the irrigation of the new park area and the adjacent urban gardens. As for the green arrangements, the areas will be cleaned up and cleared of weeds and planted with the typical essences of the surrounding ravine as already implemented in the first part of the park.