Regina Elena Square Redevelopment

Regina Elena Square Redevelopment
Urban planning, landscape design
Campagnano (RM), Italia
Curated by:
Morettiarchitettura with Andrea Dolci, Francesca Romana Poerio, Alessandra Pompa

The intervention provided for the pedestrianization of the historic center and the reorganization of its accessibility by connecting areas located at different elevation levels. An external "ring" was created, disengaging various parking areas, with the creation of a two-level multi-storey parking lot in the area adjacent to the Post Office building. The lower level houses stalls to be leased at subsidized prices for residents of the historic center. Six new ramps strengthen the cross-town access system. Prominent among them are two mechanical lifts directed toward its vital points. This model allows the gradual pedestrianization of much of the historic center, where some redevelopment work is planned. Particular attention is paid to the rehabilitation of P.zza Regina Elena, the town gate and already the subject of an ideas competition, and the terminal area opposite it where the current decay contrasts with the potential landscape and scenic value.