New Hub of culture and tourism

Alessandria's Municipal Theater re-functionalization to a new "hub of culture and tourism in the area
Alessandria , Italy
Curated by:
Morettiarchitettura with Caterina De Gasperis Giurgola, Zoe Panunzio, Riccardo Ianni, Giulio Vannucci, Luca Quaranta, Livia Calcagni, Alberto Calenzo, Caterina Dalsasso, Annia Bernocchi

The goal of the project is the re-functionalization of the Municipal Theater of Alexandria to a Hub of Culture and Tourism in order to return to the city a new cultural hub adequate to its needs and projected toward a new functional and management model. The firm wants to create a social ecosystem, a set of spaces where interactions can develop among workers, young professionals, entertainment lovers, school children, college students, retirees, and many other users. The most substantial intervention is on the envelope, which would ensure optimization of energy performance and acoustic comfort. Lightweight and flexible solutions would ensure that the space could be fractionalized according to the needs of use. 

It is proposed to exploit the full transformation potential offered by the current structure without disrupting its original spatiality. The new cultural hub was designed in such a way as to open up to the surrounding space, also engaging the city through outdoor and semi-outdoor activities. The new spatial and functional configuration was designed to ensure separate and independent accesses and routes to avoid interference of different flows.