Lura Park consortium

Design for the construction of a bicycle and pedestrian walkway over the Lura Creek Valley
Refunctionalization and landscape design
Rovellasca-Manera (CO), Italy
Curated by:
Morettiarchitettura con Caterina De Gasperis Giurgola, Enrica Boccadamo, HD applicazioni di ingegneria

The competition involves the design of a bicycle-pedestrian footbridge over the Lura Creek Valley between Rovellasca and Manera. The landscape and ecological value of the place has been respected through a sustainable mobility path characterized by a slender, thin and minimally invasive element. The firm aims to make the design as less impactful as possible by using natural materials (wood and face brick) and wooden trusses reinforced with steel strands to generate a prestress such that the operating sections and therefore the material consumption are effectively reduced. Lighting is realized with solar-powered lighting points equipped with presence sensors that will have to activate the light by anticipating bicycle or pedestrian transit by a few meters.