Lake Bolsena bike path

Lake Bolsena circumlacual bike path, interconnecting with Lake Mezzano and the Francigena and Tirrenica national bike paths
Refunctionalization and landscape design
Lago di Bolsena (VT), Italia
Curated by:
Morettiarchitettura with Caterina De Gasperis Giurgola, Alessandra Pompa, Azzurra Brugiotti

The project proposes a bicycle route along Lake Bolsena that can be connected with other routes. The Lake Bolsena bicycle ring, is a unique regional work, over 45 kilometers long, connected with other important bicycle routes, the Francigena and the Romea. The path skirts the provincial roads of Viterbo and the Cassia and, in some passages, proceeds with a real walkway overlooking the lake in areas where it will not be possible to intervene on private land due to archaeological and landscape constraints. In addition to giving tourists a breathtaking view, the new bike and pedestrian path is also beautiful to look at: the flooring is made of wood-like but weather-resistant material, and a very thin protective steel barrier with minimal visual impact runs along the entire stretch. The steel beams that support it are anchored directly to the sheer walls, the parapet, or on the water. Lake Bolsena could become one of the paradises for bicycle tourists in Europe, especially for visitors from Germany, Austria and those from northern Europe (Sweden and Norway), who reach the basin by the thousands each year to enjoy the mild climate and the many services dedicated precisely to those who spend their days cycling, especially to the town of Bolsena.