Graziani Park Redevelopment

Urban garden redevelopment of Graziani Park
Redevelopment, landscape design
Filettino (FR), Italia
Curated by:
Morettiarchitettura with Mario Pomponi, Andrea Dolci, Ilaria Bernardi, Francesca de Canal

The intervention aims to redevelop an area that is currently insignificant but has great urban potential, enhancing it through the rational use of the land that due to its steep nature does not allow the functional use of the area. The garden, which is lower than the elevation of the provincial road to Filettino, is articulated in a composition formed by small stone walls lying at the contour lines and elevations of the land, which create paths and terraces equipped with games and benches accompanied by the predominant use of green and existing planting. The park lives on the mutual relationships between the different levels that soften the natural slope of the land to the southwest in a way that makes it more pleasant to use. New paving is concentrated in the entrance area close to the provincial road and in the lower area near the adequately renovated public baths building.