Filettino Belvedere Square

Construction of the new Belvedere Square in Filettino
Redevelopment, landscape design
Filettino (FR), Italia
Curated by:
Morettiarchitettura with Bernardino Cinardi, Michele Carboni, Oscar Petruzzi

The firm was in charge of the executive project for the construction of the Belvedere Square, the redevelopment and consolidation of Via A. Moro, and the reconstruction of the stairs leading to the historic center from Via A. Moro. The design of the square provides the creation of a space from which it is possible to admire the beauty of the nature of the Simbruini Mountains in the shade of some sculptural elements reminiscent of the columns of an ancient Greek agora made of stone and marble. A long white panoramic flight of steps bordered by small stone walls crowned with smooth white stone develops from the square. At the end of the long flight of steps, interrupted in the middle by a second panoramic plaza, is an ornamental fountain equipped with a complex of descaling and dosing of desalinating substances. In addition, a careful study and design was made of the lighting and water system as well as the seating and street furniture.