Aemilian Forum and Roman Theater of Terracina

Recovery, enhancement and utilization of the monumental theater-portico complex in the Emilian forum
Restoration and conservation
Terracina (LT), Italy
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In the historical centre of Terracina, the monumental complex of the Aemilian Forum constitutes a unitary whole of extraordinary relevance from the historical archaeological and urbanistic point of view. The area, the fulcrum of political, administrative and religious life as well as a paradigmatic example of the planning and architectural skills of the Romans, is the result of a gradual process of monumentalization that is distributed between the end of the 1st century BC and the third twenty-five years of the 1st century AD. The primary objective of the project is the task of ascertaining the consistency of building artifacts of different dates, in elevated and horizontal lying, also obtaining indications on the advisability of carrying out targeted in-depth investigations at other points of the Forum complex in order to clarify specific issues. The study intends to base the recovery of the ancient artifacts on restitutive modes and reconstructive choices compatible with the scientific bearing, capable of ensuring clear legibility and proper fruition. Another aspect of no secondary importance, concerns the relationship of the theater building with the Forum complex through the redefinition of the axes of travel, visitor routes and unbuilt areas.