our studio

The studio is located in Rome, in Viale Pola, 6, tel. +39.6.8542912, Fax +39.6.8542914, email m.moretti@morettiarchitettura.it; it is a wide open spaces, developed on a two storey building structure of 500 sq.m. overall. The studio is involved with building design, restoration and urban planning, having a very advanced IT system.

The studio collaborates with several associates: with the engineer Walter Maria Santoro for the structural design and geostatic, with the architect and professor Franco Cipriani and the engineer Franceso Tasca for the general design of the structures, with the architect Adriano Caputo for the lighting design, with the geologist Dario Tufoni, with the engineer Mario Calzini expert in acoustics, with the surveyor Emiliano Marchetti expert in accounting and construction site accounting and with the economist Roberto Moretti expert in financial planning and urban economy. Studio Moretti




Mario Moretti